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White Entry Door Locks

Today we are going to explain the three most common ways that criminals use to rob a house and how to avoid it. The vast majority of burglaries of buildings occur forcing the entry door locks, they are fast theft, you subtract cash, jewelry, laptops, cameras, etc., other than leave the house with the look of having spent a tornado .While insurance will cover the (current, depreciated, not what it cost you) value of the stolen will have to use some time in the efforts of complaint, door repair, clean the house, etc. Now I will explain the three methods used, and be sure that at least one of them will surprise you

We felt safe, we have an entry door locks, and only the word conveys security and false, but psychologically very effective. It is a wooden door, with one or two steel plates inside and with a mortise lock in singing several anchor points. The wooden frame is lined with the same type as the door and all topped with a flashing. Steel plates force the door avoids breaking through the middle, but do not cover the area of ​​the lock. In 25 years we have not seen a forced door that way, too much work and noise having faster and more effective systems.

Sales of home and not made the key, giving the opportunistic thief the opportunity to open the card method. It involves inserting the edge of the door a semi-rigid plastic sheet (an x-ray is ideal) and reverse slip door. Between 10 and 30 seconds, silently. When closing the door several steel pins enter the door frame through the holes in the plate which is fixed to the frame. What you might not know is that exerting enough pressure on central pin all recede. While there kickback locks the vast majority of installed in the blast doors are not. And how are retracted? Simple, accessing the pin head breaking the wood frame entry door locks. I link you a video where about 2 minutes into retreat you’ll see how the pins. It is a promotional video for a manufacturer of security doors and the person doing it is inexperienced, a seasoned thief makes a hole diagonally toward the pins and the back with a crowbar.

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