How To Build Entryway Storage Cabinet

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Entryway Storage Cabinet

How to build entryway storage cabinet – Want an extra space at home to store clothing or other objects and also serving as a bench to sit? This article will take you step by step through building a simple bench with storage cabinet, 4 x 2 ft (1.2 x 0.6 m) with a hinged lid. Two pieces measuring 4 x 3 ft (1.21 x 0, 91 m) in the plywood to each of the sides of your chest wood. Cut them with the circular saw.

Entryway storage cabinet measure and cut two pieces of 3 feet x 1-10 1/2 (0, 91 m x 2.54-26, 6 cm) each. These are the end pieces. Cut two similar pieces of 4 x 2 ft (1.2 x 0.6 m) to the top and bottom of your chest. Sand any rough edges of all cut pieces. Apply wood stain or paint of your choice and let them dry.

Use the four pieces and builds the outside of your entryway storage cabinet. Position the two pieces of 4 feet (1.2 m) on the long sides with the short ends on the floor, parallel to each other about two feet (0.6 m) away. Place the two small pieces on the sides that measure 1-10 1/2 (0, 91 m x 2.54-26, 6 cm) between the longer sides forming a rectangle.

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