Repair Ceramic Mudroom Sink

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Awesome Mudroom Sink

Mudroom sink – Ceramic sinks makes beautiful mudroom inventory and usually pretty durable. But chip sometimes, usually as a result of a sharp collision with a heavy or cast iron pot. Fortunately, small cuts and chips in ceramic sinks can be repaired in a few days, most are dry. Sink cracked area ceramic sink, with soap and water. Rinse cracked area well and that the area to dry completely. Dry area repair with a hair dryer to ensure that no absorbed moisture inside the ceramic material.

Dab a thin layer of oil-based primer/paint to chip, and allow the primer to dry at least 2 hours. Use a layer of gloss oil paint over the primed repair area and allow to dry at least 24 hours. Choose a paint color that corresponds to the mudroom sink as closely as possible. If you have the missing piece, take it to a specialty paint shop, where color can match exactly.

The mixture, a solution of twofold marine epoxy on a piece of paperboard scrap. Squirt as much each epoxy part on cardboard, and mix well with a toothpick. Dab epoxy chip painted repair mudroom sink. Use epoxy slowly drips in a chip with the toothpick. Fill chip to which epoxy correspond with surrounding sink. Let epoxy dry for at least 24 hours before exposing repair moisture.

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